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Casinos and video games are connected! This one might come as a surprise but it is true. But how, you may ask. It is pretty simple. Casino operators always come up with innovative ways and twists, introducing new functions into their games. And just like with any video game, you want to try new things out and you want to come back over and over again until you finish it, only in the casinos you are the one who sets the goal to achieve.

What do you need to win in online casino and how it is connected to the video gaming?

1) Identify the clumsiest dealers

There are not that many professional card counters in the world. If you are one of them, then your advantage is only 1.5%. Save your energy and look for a careless blackjack dealer that can accidentally flash a card.

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When you play certain games, you have to have a skill of identifying the weak players and take an advantage of them if you want to win.

2) Do not lose sight of the details

Now you can see more and more casino dealers standing behind a gambling table in a bikini, and a lot of dancers walking and dancing in the halls. At the first glance, such institutions look like ordinary gambling houses in Vegas – alcohol, beautiful girls, etc. But look closer. While you are distracted by the legs of those beautiful ladies, you probably will not notice that the casino has reduced the payout ratio from 3/2 to 6/5. And this means that a bet of $100 will bring you only $120 instead of the traditional $150, which significantly increases the casino profits.

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When you get distracted whether in the game itself or somebody in the room is distracting you, your character in the game might easily die, lose all the money you have collected so far or even go back to the starting point. So, make sure you concentrate on what you are doing.

3) Practice

If there is an exception to the rule that a casino always wins, then it is video poker. As a rule, the advantage of a casino in video poker is 0.46%. The winnings table is listed directly on the machine, and they are quite large. What’s the catch? Casino earns on video poker because most players are not experienced enough. So, train your proficiency here

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Same here. You can’t win any game if you don’t practice. Well, unless you are super lucky. But usually, you need to train any skill if you want it to work to your advantage. As people say, practice makes perfect.

4) Know when you have to stop

In roulette, the advantage of a casino is always 5%. You have good chances to win the first bet. And the second one. And the third one. But if you were to play roulette unceasingly, the casino would take all your tokens. Each casino calculates the moment after which it is guaranteed to win. And this magic number is 30 000 rates. (That’s why casinos lure us with the help of lobsters and suites). Therefore, if you win, stop.

Also, you will not find any clocks or windows in the casino. The owners of gambling establishments want you to lose the track of time and play as long as possible. For this reason, some casinos prohibit their dealers from wearing a wristwatch. If you won a little, perhaps it’s time to leave the game room and go and please yourself by buying new watches.

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Sometimes the video game is so captivating and you seem to win and everything runs so smoothly, that you just can’t stop now, right? Well, it really seems very unreasonable to stop now, but if you are playing all day straight and all night long, you start to forget that there is a real world outside, you don’t eat and drink like you should, because you just can’t leave the game. It basically swallows you.

So, train your controlling skill. Know when you must say no and just come back tomorrow or some other day.