2. Haikyuu!

Haikyuu main

Epic rivalries are quite common in sports. This volleyball anime though, brings about an interesting aspect of the rivalries in sports – the moment when they’re placed on the same team.

Shouyou Hinata and Tobio Kageyama are volleyball rivals in junior high. However after Hinata’s team were outplayed by Kageyama’s, the former was told to give up on volleyball by Kageyama because of Hinata’s short stature. What Hinata lacks in height, however, he makes up with his incredible jumping ability.

As fate would have it, however, after finishing junior high school, the rivals meet again – this time as teammates in their high school volleyball team. Now the two rivals have to work together to win as a team and of course, this results in some hilarious situation between the two as the rivalry between them is still strong.

Why watch it?: The hilarious dynamics between the two rivals will have you laughing out loud while fast paced volleyball action will get your heart pumping, even if you never cared for the sport in the first place.

TV series: 50 episodes so far with more coming