3. Kuroko no Basuke

Kuroko no Basuke

While most sports anime protagonist are usually shown as hot-blooded and full vigour, what happens when the main character is the exact opposite? Tetsuya Kuroko is a rather unassuming person, often left out in social gatherings or goes unnoticed by people around him. But due to this very nature, he was a member of the ‘Generation of Miracles’, a legendary middle school basketball team.  The anime follows Kuroko as he enters high school and forms a partnership with Taiga Kagami, another talented basketball. We see their partnership and high school team grow as they navigate the world of high school basketball, eventually having to contend with Kuroko’s former teammates from the Generation of Miracles. Along the way, we see Kuroko break out of his shell and eventually finds his path of basketball.

Why watch it?: If you love a fast pace and exciting basketball game, the anime delivers in full. Each episode will leave you wanting more and end up binge watching the series. There’s also the great character development of not only the main characters but their rivals as well.

TV Series: 75 episodes
Anime movies: 3 movies