4. Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa

This football anime is a nostalgic one. It’s one that I remember looking forward to watching when I was a kid. Watching Tsubasa Ozora grows up from an enthusiastic football loving eleven-year-old boy to eventually becoming the captain of the Japan youth team and leading his team to win the World Youth Championships is very inspiring to someone growing up in the 80s. Lionel Messi, Fernando Torres and a few other famous footballers today are said to have been inspired by the anime to pick up the again

Despite the age of the anime, you can still feel the excitement in the football matches (though watching it at an older age, some of the moves are kind of over the top, but back then as a kid, it was just plain amazing). The animation may be dated now and perhaps Tsubasa appears to be a little too invincible when he starts playing, but I think that’s why it was inspiring to a kid watching it in the 80s.

Why Watch it?: While nostalgia is a factor, there’s also the fact that you get really invested in Tsubasa’s journey. After all, you see him grow from a football playing kid to a world class champion. Add to that the exciting football matches and you’ll find out why this anime has continued to be a classic.

TV series: 226 episodes
2 OVAS, 14 episodes
Anime movies: 4 movies