8. Yowamushi no Pedal

Yowamushi no pedal

Yowamushi no Pedal (or Yowapeda) follows Onoda Sakamichi, an otaku so obsessed with anime yet is a total cheapskate; he’s willing to cycle a huge distance to Akihabara, so that he can save money. Even more amazing is the fact he does it in some crummy mum bike, not some fancy road bike. As a result, he develops a talent for cycling and ends up getting involved in his school’s cycling club.

While the cycling anime genre isn’t new, it’s still an oddity when you compare it with the host of football, baseball and other popular sports anime out there. However, Yowapeda manages to capture some of the essence of the sport yet make it enjoyable enough that it’ll appeal to a wide audience. Also with the main character that isn’t as competitive as most other sports anime main character, it gives a different side to sports anime, that while wanting to win is always a goal, creating a bond and actually enjoying the sport is also a journey onto itself.

Why watch it?: The typical sports action expected genre aside, the anime manages to capture something. It isn’t just about winning in the game but also about discovering the joy of a sport. It also helps that there’s a catchy tune to go with the anime… Hime, hime, hime, hime….

TV series: 62 episodes so far
OVA: 1 episode
Anime movies: 4 movies