Visual Arts Expo is here and you don’t know what to do next? Well, we’re here to help! This survival guide will help you along from how to get to the convention area, what to do there and other useful stuff you might find in the general area. Without further ado, lets’ begin!

1. Getting there

vax driving

VAX is pretty much the first big convention of its kind to be held in MIECC, though other big events have been held there before; the most popularly known of which is the Big Bad Wolf Sale. There are a few ways to get there and we’ll try to break them down as best we can.


Depending on where you start, driving to MIECC can be pretty far.

However we do advice going earlier if possible because the parking area looks pretty limited in both the convention center and the next door Mines Shopping Center.

Parking rates however are really cheap, it’s RM3 per entry on weekdays and RM4 per entry on weekends and public holidays!

Also, be aware that there are likely tolls along the way (especially if you’re coming from PJ) so top up your TNG card if you can!

Finding the place is pretty easy if you’re using WAZE (click for Waze location), but if you’re having problems with Google Maps, here are the GPS coordinates to get you there:

N 3 01 47

E 101 43 03


The awesome guys at VAX have partnered up with Uber for two free rides of up to RM 40 each! Use the code UBER2VAX when calling your cab to make use of the promo!

Public transport

If you need to hop on the train, the nearest station to MIECC is KTM Serdang Station which in itself is about 10 minutes’ walk from the station to the convention hall. Might not be the best option if you have huge props but you can also grab a cab or Uber from here easily (or just get one of your friends to pick you up)