3. Things to do!

There are absolute heaps of things to do at VAX, be it showing off your portfolio, meeting the special guests or just having fun with friends. As with most conventions there will be official merchandise booths as well as doujinshi booths to visit, maybe support our local art community by buying their stuff?

We’ve included the list of events below so you can plan on where to go and who to meet. Or maybe do it all!

vax panels2 vax panels1

Special guests include the animation legends like Shoji Kawamori, Studio Satelite, Studio GAINAX to personalities like BACK-ON, Ladybeard and local acts and animation studios like Inspidea, Les Copaque and Animasia.



vax schedule 2 vax schedule

Safety! (aka PLS DON LOSE U STUFF!)


This is always a big concern when it comes to big conventions, safety.

Thieves are other pervy undesirables are increasing with every convention, especially once they figured out that a lot of cosplayers and con goers tend to either be careless or so overwhelmed with what’s going on they don’t pay attention.

The goes out to the photographers. It’s easy to swipe a piece of equipment if you’re not paying attention, especially if it’s very crowded.

A convention is still a public event all and all so there are always bound to be opportunists. Never leave your stuff unattended if you can help it, and stick to your group if necessary. A helper/saikang will of course be a boon since they can help take care of your stuff for you.

So if you’re going in a group, best to have a designated “security person” for your stuff. If you HAVE to carry your valuables, make sure you have somewhere safe to stash it, as it is there were some snatch cases during last year’s Comic Fiesta so we know that some of the thieves are very brave.

For those who don’t have the luxury of staying in a nearby hotel, VAX has a handy storage service for RM 5 to keep your stuff.

As for the ladies, also be aware of your surroundings especially if you have a skimpier outfit. We’d love to believe that all con-goers are nice and decent people but let’s be honest, there’s bound to be a few that’ll push the line of decency.

Finally, even though you are meeting lots of cool people with similar interests, do remember that you have just met and they shouldn’t always be trusted from the get-go. It’s fine to make new friends but at least not to the point where you let them chill in your hotel room unattended anyway.

Final notes

Please be mindful of where you are getting photographs taken (if you are a cosplayer or a photog) as you might be blocking the flow of human traffic.

One last thing, the people in Mines Shopping Center aren’t as used to seeing cosplayers as opposed to the folks in say, Sunway Pyramid so just be mindful if you notice people staring. It’s awkward for everyone when it’s their first time!

Also check out our 5 Must Have Cosplay Tips guide for more info on getting your game on!

Image credit http://ninjakittycosplay.tumblr.com/
Image credit http://ninjakittycosplay.tumblr.com/