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HBO’s Game of Thrones is currently in the process of shooting its seventh season, but it seems that the plot for season 7 has somehow made it out to the internet. If you don’t mind spoilers, you can catch it here.

The leak was originally dropped on reddit by user called awayforthelads, containing extremely detailed plot information on /r/FreeFolk, which is a subreddit which is home to a lot of speculation and theorizing. Of course, leaks come and go, as the authenticity can’t always be claimed, but this time it looks legit.

game of thrones s6 tyrion
Bad spoilers! bad!


While awayforthelads might have deleted his account, you can still read the screenshots here, or if you’d like here is a compliation of all the spoilers.

Here’s some of the big ones:

  • Jon and Daenerys spend much of the season together at Dragonstone, and they have sex while the Wall crumbles in the finale
  • Arya and Sansa are reunited and Arya executes Littlefinger at Sansa’s command
  • Euron and Cercei form a (doomed) alliance against Daenerys/Jon
  • Samwell, Gilly and Bran piece together that Jon Snow is the actual heir to the Iron Throne and is Rhaegar Targaryen’s trueborn son (and Jon gets renamed Aegon)
  • Jon and some others go to capture a wight at the north of the wall to prove the threat to the Westerosi rulers
  • Viserion is killed and possessed by the Night King and turns him into an ice dragon to burn down the wall

Another reddit user has compiled a timeline using plotpoints laid out by awayforthelads, with fansite Watchers On The Wall has confirmed that Cersei, Tyrion, Jon and Daenerys (along with some other main characters) will be at Dragonpit in King’s Landing when said wight is offered as proof to the rulers. Huh. Not all the information has been confirmed yet but we won’t be too surprised if they turn out true.

Regardless, season seven for Game of Thrones is set to drop 21 April 2016.