Paradox Entertainment’s lightning-slinging, goblin-kicking mayhem fueled multiplayer game is back for it’s second installment. It’s been quite a few years since the wizards have taken a roll through town and in this brand new game it looks like you’ll get to do much more than accidentally zap your friends on an epic adventure of unbelievably unknown proportions.

The game itself is about well, being a wizard. Players can unleash a huge array of spells by mixing elements for fantastic (and often badly aimed)results to push along the game. Play in single player or the more popular multiplayer up to four players at once for maximum mayhem! The graphics and gameplay have been given quite a bit of tweaking too, and you can even employ gaming changing artifacts to change up the experience.

Magicka is well known for their incredibly humourous take on things, and is as chock full of pop culture references as it is with the running theme of the players taking control of one to four bumbling wizards who are out to save the world but can’t do anything right. Just ask Vlad (not a vampire!)

The game will be available for both PC and PS4 and is coming on 26 May 2015, and preorders are open now starting from $ 14.99 USD (about RM 56) with extra loot like skins and stuff from Magicka Wizard Wars too. It’s likely that Steam would sell a four-pack on launch so keep your eyes peeled as the release date draws closer.

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