Saint Seiya Original

Saint Seiya’s Hollywood remake might be still just a mere thought but this piece of news isn’t. There’s going to be a new Saint Seiya anime and it’s going to be hitting Netflix! And no this isn’t old episodes being added to the catalogue, it’s an actual brand new show and will be called, Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya.

The news was announced at Netflix‘s recent Anime Slate 2017 event held in Tokyo. There’s still a quite a few details that were not revealed but here’s what we know. Production will be handled by Toei, who have to date, handled all of the Saint Seiya animated franchise.

Some of the staff members were also announced which include: Yoshiharu Ashino who will be the director, Terumi Nishi on Character designs and Takashi Okazaki, of Afro Samurai fame, on Armor Design. While these three are known names in the anime industry, one surprising staff member isn’t. That would be Eugene Son who will be the showrunner for the new series.

While Eugene Son might not be a familiar name in the anime industry, he is, however, pretty well known in western animation fields having handled the Avengers Assemble animated series as well writing for Ben 10, Ultimate Spider-man and much more. As we mentioned before, details on the new series

As we mentioned before, details on the new series is pretty limited but considering the involvement of Son, we have reason to speculate that it won’t be a pure anime production. Instead, it might be a hybrid production, combining western/American based storytelling with the sleek Japanese anime style production.

Until more details are released though, we can only guess. Even the poster that was unveiled didn’t really give much indication. However, it’s great to see that Masami Kurumada’s work is still popular that it warrants ANOTHER remake.

Knights of the Zodiac- Saint Seiya poster