Perhaps inspired by the blockbuster success of Jurassic World, film makers are trying to cash in the cinema goer’s fascination with anything big and reptilian. And it seems Mattel is also hopping onto the craze as there are rumours that they’re developing a Dino Riders.

The movie itself is said to be produced by Alyssa Phillips (Dracula Untold) and Stephen L’Heureux (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For) of the Solipsist Films production company and they are currently looking for a screenwriter to join the project. According to the Tracking Board the movie is angled to be “family friendly” with “strong action-adventure storyline”.

So far no studio has been tied to the project yet so we’re assuming that Solipsist Films will be pitching the project out. Whether it lands a studio or not, remains to be seen but considering the hype around Jurassic World and the success of Transformers, we wouldn’t be surprised if a big studio jumps in soon, if only to cash in on the potential franchising opportunities.

For those people who are too young to remember, watch this cartoon opening for some idea on what is Dino Riders:

The premise of Dino Riders was pretty simple. Two factions are fighting a futuristic war – the valiant human-like race called the Valorians and the sleazy hybrids called Rulons. Something happens while both sides are at each other’s throat and they are zapped back to the pre-historic Earth era.

The Valorians form partnership with the dinosaurs via psychic abilities whereas the Rulons enslave the poor dinosaurs using technology. And of course they end up fighting each other again.

The series ran for only one season of 14 episodes and was aired in 1988, the golden time where cartoon series like MASK and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were being aired on the TV.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon.