If you guys remember seeing Pewdiepie in 3D on FaceRig’s 3D facial emulation software, you can now bring out your inner anime person with a 2D version of the same thing.

Live2D is a program made to enable 2D artists to animate their work as if it were 3D. The software is free for individual use, so aspiring artists and animators can try their hand at it.

By intergrating this software into FaceRig, it basically allows you to turn into one of many emotable anime characters that can then be used on your YouTube or Twitch streams instead of your actual face. Either that or use it to partake in silly shenanigans involving weird facial expressions, your choice.

Here’s a preview on how it works:

We personally find it a lot less creepy than some of the traditional 3D avatars afforded to you by FaceRig so it might be worth a buy.

The module is already available as a DLC and can be purchased on Steam for RM 10. Check it out!