Princess of Vers Allusia
Princess of Vers

Aldnoah Zero was one of the best anime in 2014 and had a twist ending that leaft many fans enraged and shocked beyond belief.

Well be prepared for more shocks as Yaraon has released this photo showing the Princess who is giving a press conference on a wheel chair in a new key visual for upcoming Season Two. Those of you who still remember the ending of Season One will find this is interesting since she was brutally gunned down by the villain at the climax. The narrator did emphasize that her body was never found after the raid in the end. So this might does make Season 2 even more interesting indeed.

The new key visual was shown at Shinjuku Station’s East exit. Questions have been raised if she is a clone, a Martian holographic disguise or truly Princess Assyelum Vers paralyzed. We’ll just have to wait to find out.

Source: Yaraon Blog

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