There has been almost no shortage of Sailor Moon merch this year, and almost everyone we know adores the characters from Sailor Moon. Now they can keep you company over tea with these cup hugging figurines produced by Bandai.

At the moment there has only been three released so far, featuring the cute winking visage of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars, peeking over the lip of your glass. The Ocha Tomo series (which the tiny figures belong to) is likely to feature more of our favourite Senshi when and if they release another wave. The figures are pretty high quality and made with more expensive high-quality pearl paint as opposed to what we normally see on gashapon figures.


Of course, you could have them peek over your coffee too, as they look like they’ll happily cling to any glass but we’re not so sure about thicker mugs.

The set retails for 1,620 yen (about RM 50) and can be purchased at either Premium Bandai’s website or at Kiddy Land in Harajuku or Osaka’s Umeda for those interested to get them in Japan. How could you resist those cute winking faces?

via RocketNews24

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