pokemon cushion eevee_1

You can’t ever get enough of Pokemon and now Premium Bandai has produced a pair of super huggable Eevee and Pikachu cushions as part of their new line of PC cushions.

pokemon cushion eevee

Each plushie comes in two parts, either a Pikachu or Eevee stuffed toy and a keyboard themed arm rest pillow.

pokemon cushion eevee._3jpg

Both are made from polyester and are designed to keep you comfy while you go about your day (or night) on your PC.

pokemon cushion pikachu

The plushies go for 5,656 yen (about RM 223) and pre-orders for these cute plushies will run till 31 October 2016, with items to be shipped in November.

pokemon cushion eevee._2jpg

We don’t know which plushie they’ll release in their line next but we expect it to run the gamut of either super cute (like Jigglypuff) or memorable (like Snorlax).

Would you pick up one of these plush buddies? let us know in the comments!