Space Dandy live commercial

Studio Bones’ Space Dandy series is already known to push the limits of weirdness and these new live action commercials are well, pretty darn bizarre.

The new commercials are basically ads for their upcoming Blu-Ray box release, and instead of doing the usual thing where they just recycle anime footage, they’ve gone and shot Dandy, Meow and QT in live action. Sort of. Meow and QT are technically puppets but we digress.

In the videos you will see the crew hit space and have a not-entirely-successful picnic. The last one is a much more normal, showing a wall of clips from the anime itself.

Its still a rather fun way to tackle your advertising when you could instead lazily just slap some anime footage together so we’re sure the fans would appreciate it.

Space Dandy is going to return to Japanese TV on BS Fuji and Tokyo MX and Niconico Douga for the online audience. The box set will retail for 18,000 yen (about RM 646) on 29 January next year