Dreampt up via Lego Ideas and announced not too long back that an Adventure Time set is coming our way early next year and seriously, we want that Lady Rainicorn.

The figures, made in the likeness of the main characters of Adventure Time, are built from scratch using Legos instead of being translated into minifigs, which would have barely done them justice.

We will be getting quite a handful of characters too; with Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Ice King, BMO, Lady Rainicorn and Gunther in Lego form. They make us think a bit of Nanoblocks but they’re only going to be about an inch tall each.

adventure time legos_official_1

They will also be making an appearance at the Sand Diego Comic Con but will only hit the market January 2017; with the Lego Adventure Time box sets to start at $49.99 (about RM196) with a set of one to four figures within.

Can’t wait to see these pop up on our shelves.