If you ever thought the Empire sucks, the notion is legit with these Star Wars inspired robo-vacs from Samsung.

Jumping directly on the Star Wars bandwagon, the Korean giant’s new robotic vacuums are sporting the looks of both Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper.

The vacuums are from Samsung‘s POWERbot line of robo vacs,  and they do a little more than just keep your floor clean. The Darth Vader version of the vacs actually powers up with Vader’s infamous breathing noises, which it thankfully doesn’t play for the entirety of it cleaning your home’s floor. It also features Wi-Fi connectivity and a remote control.

The Stormtrooper variant, however, doesn’t have the extra bells and whistles and lacks a remote and aforementioned Wi-Fi connectivity.

Here’s a quick look at how it runs:

Darth Vader robot vacuum! It plays the Imperial March when it cleans. #samsung #samsungmy #starwars #darthvader

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Both units will roam about your home and they will remember and learn over time, adjusting its behavior accordingly. They come with smartphone support too, so you can schedule cleaning times and voice commands through Amazon Echo.

Update: These awesome vacuums will be available for pre-orders in Malaysia come December this year with the Darth Vader model going for RM2,999. The Stormtrooper model has yet to be priced yet though considering the US price we might expect it around the lower to mid RM2,000 price range like say RM2,299 or RM2,499. Harvey Norman Malaysia is also accepting pre-orders for the Darth Vader version and will also throw in an R2-Dcollectablele on top of their purchase.