If there’s one thing we’ve found out, it’s that people REALLY love Snorlax Pokemon related merchandise. If you couldn’t get your hands on that giant Snorlax plushie or the giant Snorlax cushion, maybe you’d squeal with delight at these adorable Snorlax Pokemon slippers instead.

The problem with the Snorlax cushion and giant plushie was that they were a bit too close too faithful to their source material. After all, not many homes these days can take in a giant plushie or cushion. These pair of Snorlax Pokemon slippers on the other hand, while not exactly small, are still within the acceptable size range a small to mid home can accommodate.

The slippers are available from ThinkGeek and not only will they keep your feet warm and adorable, but they’ll also even make Snorlax snore sounds every time you move in them. These are officially licensed and will fit shoe sizes up to men’s 10 and women’s 12. And in case you’re worried about slipping and falling, that’s not going to happen thanks the the slippers non-slip sole.

The Snorlax Pokemon slipper are retailing at US29.99 and you can order it from ThinkGeek below.

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