One of the applications with the TT301
Few samples of TT301 in action
Few samples of TT301 in action

Big seems to better for Toshiba as it has unveiled a rather huge tablet called the Toshiba TT301, This 1080p 24-inch screen monstrosity of  tablet is about the size of a small screen TV but the company insists on calling it a business tablet. Well whatever makes them happy.

As far as innards go, it is powered by a 1GHz dual core CPU with 1 and half GB RAM, 16GB of internal storage and infrared remote control. It comes equipped with HDMI  and Miracast support and can be plugged into a Windows based PC or laptop. And if you’re wondering, yes it can also be used a traditional monitor according to the company which is kind of weird since we already have, you know, normal monitors for that. And to complete the whole package, it also comes with an internal 2W speaker as well.

Of course being a business tablet, the TT301 isn’t really for your everyday home use. As you can see from the images above, it can be used for a variety of more productive pursuits like presentations (which can be done with a smaller notebook or tablet), display screen (which can be done by more inexpensive monitors), and quite a few more applications that Toshiba has come up with.

Of course, a tablet of that size is going to have quite a bit of heft and at 3.9 kg, let’s just say you won’t really be slipping it into your backpack anytime soon.The model run on Android 4.2.1 with a customised launcher as well as multi-window capability.

And as for availability? Toshiba announced that the TT301 will be marketed in Japan first with no mention of international availability or pricing.

Via PhoneArena

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