pokemon stack 2

Mmh, its so cute we can barely take our eyes off it.  Produced by Megahouse, this toy set featuring two of the franchise’s more popular Pokemon, it is likely a companion piece to Nintendo’s upcoming mobile games and we are likely to be seeing much more like it.

pokemon stack

The toy itself is pretty self explanatory, you stack six adorable Pikachu on a Snorlax in a hammock and try not to knock everything over. It probably won’t keep you occupied for hours but there isn’t much cuter then a pile of Pikachu is there

It’s generally small enough that you can place it as a desk decoration, so you could play with it if you happen to be a little bored while you wait for your anime to load.

The hammock is set to hit the market in Japan this August, and will be priced at 2,500 yen with tax (about RM 77).

pokemon stack 3

via Kotaku

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