With Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the way, it’s no great surprise that Link is getting himself a new Nendoroid from the Good Smile Company.

Of course, Link already has some figures in the Nendoroid line, and this one like it’s many kin, comes with extra accessories and interchangeable faces.

The two faces you’ll get here are a calm one along with one that’s yelling, for those action poses. He even comes with a Shiekah Slate, bow, arrows and quiver, sword, sheath and of course a shield.

The DX Edition of Link comes with a bunch of extras including a horse to ride on, a cloak, club, axe and…

a chicken leg. That’s right, a chicken leg.

nendoroid link_1
Om nom nom


Price wise, the normal version comes in at 4,500 Yen (about RM175) while the deluxe version comes in at 5,800 Yen (RM226). Both are accepting reservations on their online site, so you can get your pre-orders in here.