Known the internet over, Danbo the cardboard robot from manga Yousuba&! has literally been given the power of the internet as a router. The device that sports the visage of one of the internet’s favourite characters will go by the Danboard Wireless LAN Router: DB-WRT01 as developed by Planex Communications.

Previously Danbo has also been made into a 10400mAh powerbank and USB cable.danbo_2

The gadget is a compact router that can run at 300Mbps and connect to your Wi-Fi or wired connection to your PC or your smartphones, like a regular router just smaller. However the vanilla version will only connect to one device at a time, its sibling the Danboard Wireless LAN Repeated DB-WEX01 will allow for multiple connections.

The kit will come with just Danbo’s head but Kaiyodo (they sell a lot of anime/game merch) stores in Japan will sell an optional poseable RevolTech body to stick to it if you like. The router is set to release 7 August 2015 for 3,980 yen which translates to about RM 123.

via Anime News Network

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