Jaws 19 Anniversary

Back to the Future day and the movie’s 30th Anniversary is approaching fast, and Universal has released this parody trailer for Jaws 19 to add to the festivities.

For those who don’t remember, Jaws 19 was the holographic billboard projection that startled Marty McFly when he arrives in Hill Valley circa 2015. Granted the CG isn’t much compared to what we have now, but it was really state of the art back in the day (and sadly, we don’t even have such projections yet but VR is taking off pretty good)

The trailer doesn’t have much, but they at least detailed out what happened inbetween our modern day Jaws all the way up to number 19.

This is just one piece following much more with the Back to the Future 30th Anniversary, inclusive of the Back to the Future Box Set, short with Doc Brown, somewhat functional hoverboards and of course a limited run Pepsi Perfect.

No word yet on whether we will be getting that pizza rehydration machine though, or that toilet fax machine either.

Check out the Jaws 19 trailer below!