LEGO exoskeleton

Ever wanted to be a Jaeger pilot? well this is the next best thing, albeit a lot smaller than expected. Put together by maker Danny Benedettelli, the entire ensemble is made from LEGO and a few more bits of tech to make it come together.

The robot and the exoskeleton work in unison to allow him to replicate movements on the robot with his own body. The set uses a LEGO Mindstorm and an Android smartphone to make this possible, but people have been doing this kind of user control for decades now, but its still really cool to see someone make it on such a scale.

The robot is connected via Bluetooth with an Arduino on the telemetry suit, which also contains a potentiometer for each degree of freedom the robot has so when you move a limb, the machine follows suit.  We can’t really think of an application for this (besides well, fighting Kaiju or Alien Queens) but it’s extremely cool bit of tech nonetheless.

Check out the video to see it in action!

via Kotaku, Make

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