Andrew Tate insult anime fans
Oh no you didn't!

We know that anime is generally not for everyone but you can never say that we’re not grown-up if we love the art form (yes we call it an art form because IT IS!).

MMA fighter Andrew Tate doesn’t think that’s the case and recently made fun of anime lovers everywhere when he took a shot at us all on Twitter.

Boy, did he went and poke a hornet’s nest. He was immediately inundated with responses by the community. Unfortunately, some of those responses did tend to prove his point while others were a lot more mature.

However, the best response came from a fellow mix martial arts competitor Ben Nguyen who competes over at UFC. He responded “Damn, sucks being top 10 in the world for @UFC and enjoying anime. I’m such a loser.”

He made the response when anime channel Funimation decided to troll Andrew Tate with a gif showing Goku Cracking his fist. Later on, he also continued with another tweet saying his wife, who had just clinched the Australian Super Bantamweight title was also a fan of anime.

Look we know that not everyone loves anime. It’s not something that everyone takes to but that doesn’t mean you have to piss all over the ones that do like it.

Doesn’t mean you love a Marvel movie or comic and it makes you an immature idiot either. As shown by Nguyen and his wife, perfectly grown mature people are fans of anime as well.

So think twice before you make fun of anyone’s hobbies and passion. You wouldn’t want to be called a dumb, muscle head just because you like beating up on other people in MMA right?