A new Monster Hunter game is out and about, and this time it’s totally not about hunting monsters. Monster Hunter Stories is a completely new take on the franchise with a departure from the gritty action the series is known for.

With cute graphics and none of the grittier stuff, Capcom has put together a JRPG that puts you in the shoes of a “Monster Rider” people who bond with monsters and fight alongside them. The protagonist of course is a fledgling rider out to see the world who then gets tangled up in a series of world-altering events, a staple of Japanese RPGs. The game will still take place in the Monster Hunter universe, with familiar monsters but with a wholly different set of mechanics.


Besides the whole Monster Rider thing, the combat system has taken a turn away from the rather difficult action oriented gameplay to a turn-based system. This in turn runs on a rock-paper-scissors advantage versus disadvantage system for the sake of simplicity we assume. As for the monsters, you will either find and hatch eggs ala Monster Rancher or collect companion monsters to help you out in battle. We forsee many Rathalos in your future.


Monster Hunter Stories is set to release on the Nintendo 3DS in 2016 in Japan, with no word yet on an international release. Hopefully we do get one because as it is, the English speaking audience has already missed out on the cute rhythm oriented Pokapoka Airu Village.

via Kotaku

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