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This Sailor Moon cup set will make your teatime magical

This pretty Sailor Senshi tea set will imbue your tea with Moon Power

 The Sailor Moon franchise is having a ball for their 20th anniversary this year, but there’s no shortage of cute and adorable merch coming out for the fans, much to our aching wallets and hearts.

Sailor Moon Noritake_2

Our favorite sailor senshi has teamed up with Noritake, maker of fine Japanese tableware to produce an absolutely gorgeous teacup and saucer set themed with iconic motifs from the series. This isn’t the first time they’ve made such a set, coming up with a similarly Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon themed set last year.

Sailor Moon Noritake_3

The set is designed around the motif of “kizuna” or bonds which beautifully highlights the bonds shared by the five inner senshi Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus. Even the saucer has a Moon Castle motif on it, with flowers representing the colours of the inner senshi.

The fine porcelain cup sadly doesn’t come with a matching teapot but will set you back a pretty penny as Premium Bandai is selling it for 7,776 yen (about RM 284).

Sailor Moon Noritake_1

The set is already on sale, and will ship sometime this December so catch them while you can!