If you’re a really, really big fan of Dragon Quest, Hori has produced a Slime-shaped Dualshock 4 controller, just in time for Dragon Quest XI to launch on the PS4.

While it does look tremendously impractical, it does actually function as a controller. The bottom of the unit houses the controls, and while perfectly functional this looks better as a display piece to be frank. Unless you don’t mind looking like someone fondling a Slime to play their games, but I digress.

Hori, the creator of a number of Slime-based accessories (like these keyboard and speakers), will introduce a Slime shaped DualShock 4-compatible controller just in time for the release of Dragon Quest XI for the PlayStation 4.

The controller will cost you a good 9980 yen (about RM 403) and will hit the shelves 29 July.