Say you’ve accumulated lots of awesome Sailor Moon charms and compacts but don’t have a display that does them justice, Premium Bandai has just the thing to make your collection look absolutely stunning.

We’ve been nothing but spoiled this year with the sheer amount of Sailor Moon themed collectibles with the franchise celebrating their 20th anniversary. From adorable teacups, figurines, candy and a nothing short of gigantic assortment of charms, we’re now faced with the problem of where to store all these.

To address this, Bandai Namco has released a Sailor Moon accessory stand that not only functions as a classy prop for all your Sailor Moon baubles, it both resembles the classic Moon Stick and the Moon Castle.

As a bonus, your order will also include these star shaped mint cases that would look right at home with the rest of your collection. The mints are underneath all that shiny and come in peach flavour.

sailor moon mint
We dare say they taste celestial?

Also, if you detach the accessory stand, you are left with a diorama of the Moon Castle which in itself is perfect for posing your figurines or simply displaying all your other Sailor Moon shinies on.

sailor moon castle

The accessory stand and mint set will set you back about 5,940 yen (about RM 204) which can be ordered here. It is due to ship in January next year.

So is it a must have for any hardcore Sailor Moon collector? we certainly think so!

You can check out more images of the set below: