This is how Devastator should look like Michael Bay
This is how Devastator should look like Michael Bay
This is how Devastator should look like Michael Bay

Look, we’re not exactly big fans of the Michael Bay Transformers franchise. They represent everything that ruined our childhood memories. Then once in a while, a gem like this stop-motion short comes along and all is well again.

The stop-motion short is around 15 minutes long as is produced by Harris Loureiro, who spent six months producing the short with action figures borrowed from some buddies. Ok, you might be thinking, just how good can a video using toys and stop-motion be? This isn’t some badly taken video though and the fact that it took him six months to do this up speaks of the effort he put into making this stop-motion short, pretty much awesome.

It’s not just the action though, there’s some pretty decent dialogue thrown in too, which he had help with from some friends as well. The result is an action fest video that’ll make any Transformers fan proud to watch.

For us what’s even more sweet is that Harris Loureiro is based in Malaysia (check out the credits all the way to the end)! This isn’t the first stop-motion video he’s made that’s gotten some attention. A couple of months back, he made a well received video called Attack on Giant featuring Optimus Prime and Devastator and the action sequence there would make any Transformers fan proud.

It seems this isn’t the last short he’ll be making either and Harris did hinted that there might be a sequel to it(hopefully as we’re not quite satisfied with the cliffhangerish ending). Let’s hope we’ll see it soon too.

Source: Geek Tyrant

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