Besides iG Vitality’s early exit from the main event of The International 7teams from China have been a dominating the tournament with ease. 

You might be wondering why on earth am I talking about China every day? Believe me, I would much rather be talking about teams from SEA or even Europe, but it’s an undeniable fact that China is the country to beat in the tournament. Four Chinese teams remain. In fact, it’s already guaranteed that at least one team from China will make it through to the finals. The upper bracket finals (or semi finals in regular sporting terms) is between team Newbee and team LGD Forever Young, both of which are from China. The winner of this match will book a place in the finals. The cool thing is, Ah Fu from LGD Forever Young is a MALAYSIAN!!

Things are far more interesting in the lower bracket. Team Liquid from Europe is the only non-Chinese team remaining in the tournament. Team Liquid just defeated Virtus Pro from Russia in a nail-biter of a match. Next, they must face the winner of Invictus Gaming and LGD Gaming. If they manage to win that, they’ll be facing the loser of Newbee and LGD Forever Young. And only if Liquid wins that match will they book a place in the finals. It’s a long, tough road ahead for Team Liquid, but with players like Miracle and Mind_Control, Team Liquid has shown both flair and resilience to push through the lower brackets.

Here’s how the brackets look like right now.

I’m personally rooting for Team Liquid to win the whole damn thing, but it’ll no doubt be a proud moment for us as a Malaysians if Ah Fu from LGD Forever Young manages to clinch the Aegis of Immortality! #MalaysiaBoleh