EA has just released a teaser trailer for Titanfall 2, confirming the development of the sequel to the critically acclaimed multiplayer mech shooter, Titanfall.

For fans of the game, the 50-second teaser will leave you wanting more as it includes short cinematic footage that raises more questions than answers.

At first glance, the most impressive bit of the teaser is the inclusion of a Titan equipped with a melee weapon, a great addition for those wanting to go medieval on their opponents.

The clip also raises the possibility of a single player option, one that was missing from the original mech game. If this is true, it’ll make room for more casual players to enjoy the world of Titanfall.

One big piece of news from the announcement though is that Titanfall 2  will not be console exclusive to the Xbox One. This time, both Playstation 4 and PC players will have the chance to enjoy the game as it’ll also be available on both platforms

For the more details on the game developed by Respawn Entertainment, fans will just have to wait for the worldwide reveal which is scheduled for June, 12.