This awesome collector edition set for Titanfall 2 has appeared on Amazon, and its got a ton of loot, if you can shell out $250 for it.

If you happen to have Amazon Prime, it’s a little cheaper at $199.

But you might be interested in what’s in the box, aside from the deluxe edition of the game and Vanguard Pilot replica helmet.

You also get an 8GB dog tag usb drive, Pilot SRS Field Journal (with an aluminum case, pen and Vanguard Squad Logo), Squad Morale patches and Vanguard Shemagh scarf so you can look the part.

The helmet itself has a battery operated blue light0up translucent faceplate, blue status/task light as well as a functional tactical ARC rail system (we’re not sure how it works though). The helmet also has some accessories of its own, a tactical spotlight and laser sight.

You can check it out here on Amazon, and it’s due to ship this October.