A while back we mentioned that there’s going to be a new Mazinger Z animated movie. Although a proper title for it was not given, we were shown 60-second teaser, tantalising us for what’s to come. Finally, though, there’s a proper title for it as well as a proper long-form trailer.

The title for the new Mazinger Z movie will be Mazinger Z: Infinity and it’ll be premiering in Japan on 13 January 2018. Along with the movie title announcement was a new long-form trailer, giving us a taste of what we can expect from the new movie.

As you can see, the new movie has quite a bit of CG elements in it, especially for the robots and Mazinger Z. For some of us old school fans, this might be a bit of a departure from what we’re used to seeing considering even the past remakes/sequel stuck to cell-animation.

However, based on what we’re seeing from the trailer, we’re being pretty positive on the quality.

One thing to note, Italian fans are going to be in joy as although Japan will be getting the movie on 13 January 2018, Italian fans will be getting it earlier. In fact they’re getting it three months earlier as the movie will be premiering in Italy on October this year. How lucky!