Tokyo Ghoul re main

The Tokyo Ghoul live-action may still have not hit the cinemas for some of you but we’re pretty sure that many of you are waiting in anticipation to see how good (or bad) the live-action adaptation is going to be.

Still though, for fans, it’s an opportunity for fans to get more Tokyo Ghoul goodness especially since the last time the anime series was aired was in 2015. Well fans, you’re going to squeal in delight with this piece of news.

It seems that we’ll finally get to see the Tokyo Ghoul sequel, Tokyo Ghoul:re adapted into anime. The studio Marvelous recently opened up a site dedicated to the project and that’s not all, they also had a 30-second teaser prepared as well!

How’s that for some exciting news? Of course, since this is a relatively new announcement, details are pretty sparse but there’s one thing we can confirm though is that the voice actor that voiced Ken Kaneki in the original series, Natsuki Hanaki, will be returning to Tokyo Ghoul:re.

Aside from that though, there aren’t many other details but the website did say that the staff for the anime will be announced at a later date. As for a set release date, that hasn’t been announced either.

As we mentioned before, it’s been about two years since we saw a Tokyo Ghoul anime and now, with the release of the live-action movie, it’s a pretty appropriate time to get fans hyped up for the sequel anime.

The sequel Tokyo Ghoul:re has been published in Weekly Young Jump since 2014 though and it’s about high time we see it on tv screens as an anime.

So are you guys excited?