Remember the new Unicorn Gundam that’s being erected at Diver City Tokyo? it’s apparently near completion and it will have a moving head!

The 19.7 meter tall statue (which essentially is a 1:1 scale recreation of the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam from the anime of the same name) has been under construction for awhile now, with an estimated completion to be sometime this autumn. But the parts are already being gathered outside the Diver City complex and some videos and photos of the progress have been making their way onto Twitter.

The head actually has moving parts this time around, and the antenna like protrusions on the head actually move, like when Unicorn Gundam is changing from its standard Unicorn Mode to its high-performance Destroy Mode.

And here’s a few more random photos of the Gundam’s various parts:

We’re not sure if the other parts of the statue can move yet, considering that Unicorn Gundam does have some body changes when it transforms to Destroy mode.

Hopefully, the Gundam will be fully unveiled soon!