The gameplay third person look
The gameplay third person look

Tom Clancy’s The Division has been confirmed to be delayed to next year as revealed in Ubisoft’s financial earnings call not long ago.

According to the updated information, the game will rescheduled to Q4 of the financial year of 2016 which means around January to March. “It is never an easy decision to move launch dates, but we are committed to make decisions that will benefit the players,” said CEO Yves Guillemot. “As I said in my introduction, this is our most important driver as it has always benefitted the company in the long run.”

Interestingly, there is “another triple-A title” in the lineup besides The Division but Ubisoft CEO is keeping mum about it.

The game was announced in E3 2013, touted as open world role playing game which was supposed to be launched on the PS4, PC and Xbox One this year. It is known that the developer summoned additional help from the team behind Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell multiplayer, Ubisoft Annecy. Which means could be trouble or they need to speed up the timetable for the game development.

Those games take more time to be completed.We want to make sure we have enough feedback from consumers from alpha and betas to polish it as much as possible before the launch so it comes to the market with the best experience possible. We expect less sales in the financial year than if it would have been launched in the Christmas season, but over the whole, we expect as much sales over its lifespan.” Guillemot commented.

Sure as heck it is a big bummer about the delay so guess we have to console ourselves watching this gameplay videos while waiting for the real thing to come.

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