With huge revenue figures reported at the end of each month and year in the gaming industry, it has lured more companies to diversify and venture into developing a new set of video games, simply to keep up with the demands of the market. However, despite dozens of games released on a frequent basis, some titles achieve more success to become favourites for most gamers.

Let’s have a look at 10 of the best casual games that have a knack of appealing to all kinds of players.



Gardenscapes is considered as one of the best casual games on the market and for good reason. The mission involves restoring a garden with the aid of a butler named Austin. Together, you will beat challenging puzzles to level up and progress through an adventure full of twists with loads of fun at every corner. The design and colourful imagery is simply irresistible, which is why Gardenscapes ranks highly on out top list. To check out the game and play now, click here.

Plants vs. Zombies

Anyone who has searched for a game in the past couple of years or so, must have at one time or the other, come across this popular title. Plants vs Zombies is a game that brings together both hardcore and casual gamers in a truly comical setting that is sure to provide hours on non-stop entertainment. While seemingly simple, it is a complex game that requires players to use their cognitive abilities in defending their territory with the use of plants, nonetheless.


Collapse is a game that can be found on many game lovers’ computers. This casual game is really simple to play, yet at the same time, quite absolving and addictive. You may spends hours playing Collapse without realising it, purely based on its progressive nature. The quest is to match as many tiles of the same kind as you can and when that happens, they blow up to score you some points. You can also use strategy to bomb up more tiles and earn more points at once.


Zuma from PopCap Games is a tile matching game that’s highly addictive and entertaining. Players need to match as many balls of the same colour as they can in order to earn more points while at the same time, making sure that the frog does not swallow the head of the balls. Once the frog swallows the first ball, all the balls follow and the player loses the game.

Candy Crush

The game may have been popular on mobile devices, but it is also now one of the most popular casual games to play on PC. The objective in Candy Crush is to match as many candies of the same colour as you can. A match with more candy icons means more points for the player. Candy Crush comes with a levelling up feature that makes the game more interesting as players strive to level up.

Mozaki Blocks

Developed by MSN Games, Mozaki Blocks is a Tetris-style game with an objective to create a line from one corner to the other with blocks of the same colour. More lines mean more points and different coloured blocks help in clearing out other blocks.

Diner Dash

In Diner Dash, you play under the alias as Flo, the owner of a restaurant who does everything alone from preparing food, serving guests to washing dishes. You’ll earn points by the number of guests you serve and matching them to restaurants seats of the same colour as the clothes they are attired in. More customers come as you progress, which means you have to increase your speed in everything you do.


Hexic is another Tetris-inspired game produced by MSN Games, where players have to manipulate hexagons into creating a line. The more lines you match, the more points you score. Categorised as both a puzzle and casual game, Hexic will appeal to those who are looking for some fun with cool shapes and colours.


FIFA 18 easily finds itself on our top list, as it is one of the most popular casual games to play on PC. FIFA 18 is all about competing in a football match either against computer opponents or fellow humans. You can play a once-off game or start a tournament such as a league, European Championships or even World Cup match.

Project Cars 2

There are many gamers who love car racing and the most popular casual game within this genre today is Project Cars 2. Players can compete against each other computer opponents and there are different terrains to race such as tarred roads inside a busy city, tarred roads in highways and dusty roads in the countryside.