2. Death Parade

Death by billiards
Time for some high stakes billiards anime

We mentioned a while back that this was coming out and now here it is. Produced by Madhouse, this series is based on a short animated film written and directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa for the Young Animator Training Project (Anime Mirai 2013). Each episode is a separate story where humans that die, do not go to heaven or hell but instead land in a mysterious bar called Queen Decim. Here, the bartender gives these humans a game to play but if they lose, they also lose their lives. Ultimately, it is a test to see how far humans would go in order to fight for the right to live. From the trailer, this promises to be a rather disturbing psychological trailer coupled with stunning animation.

Watch if: You haven’t had enough gore, horror and thrills from the string of 2014 anime.

Official site here.

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