2014’s run of horror, scary and gory anime continues this fall with high quality releases by studios Madhouse and Toei Animation leading the charts. Psycho Pass 2 and Mushishi Zoku Shou 2nd Season will definitely be in our list of must watch anime but if you still have time to spare, here are our recommendations of the top 5 new anime to watch this fall.

World Trigger

Not many manga get anime adaptations in just over a year of being serialised however this Weekly Shonen Jump favourite quickly rose to fame after its debut in February 2013. World Trigger centres on Mikado City where monsters called Neighbours have emerged from a different dimension to attack the city.

The main character, Yuma Kuga, is a Neighbor as well but due to a past incident leading to his father’s death, he enrolls with the Border defence agency to fight against the monsters from his own world. Produced by Toei Animation, this one promises to be an action favourite and we’ll be eagerly awaiting its release on 5 October.

A must watch for: Manga fans and sci-fi action devotees.

Official site here.

Let's hope this does the manga justice
Let’s hope this does the manga justice