Ah, Spring time. A brand new season and with it comes a new batch of anime for all of us to enjoy. Admittedly we could have come up with this list earlier but hey, we needed to check out what’s really good to watch. So if you’re wondering just what to catch this spring, here’s our list for you.

1. Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma

Shokugeki no soma

If the culinary arts and and lot’s and lots of implied nudity are your thing, Shokugeki no Soma is a must watch. The manga by Yuta Tsukudo and Shun Saeki has been mainstay and popular series on weekly Shonen Jump and it’s anime adaptation has been considered a really big thing.

Of course judging by the manga itself, what’s not to love. It has everything any shonen reader wants – battles, fan service and over the top “hot bloodedness”. Think Iron Chef with more dramatisation and lots of fan service.

We’d usually be seeing most of these shenanigans from maybe an action anime but here we have food and fan service. Throw in some “in-depth” and dramatic explanations of cooking techniques (be they real or made-up) and you got yourself a winner.

Too bad real life food doesn’t provoke the kind of response we see in the anime and manga, and if a restaurant did, we’d be the first to line-up for it.

Watch it if: You loved the original Japanese Iron chef with some fan service thrown in

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