Summer is upon us again, and with it comes a brand new season of airing anime. There are quite a number of strong contenders for top anime this time around, ranging from sequels such as workplace sitcom WORKING!!!, the long overdue Durarara!!x2 Ten, magical girl spin-off Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Zwei Herz!, which is now in its third summer run, to new adaptations such as ufotable’s video game adaptation of God Eater. We are even treated to totally new IPs such as master emotions manipulator Maeda Jun, who teamed up with P.A Works for Charlotte. Wherever your interests lie, there is bound to be something in it for you, so without further ado, here is our list of top summer anime to watch.

1. Aquarion Logos

aquarion logos main

Has it been 10 years already since the first Aquarion anime came out? Apparently so as this new addition to the series has been released as part of its 10th anniversary. Aquarion has has been known as the show, anime legend Kawamori Shouji does, in between his Macross works and it has taken on a rather quirky tone. That seems to have been retained though this time, there are some changes.

The setting has been changed to somewhat modern day Japan and though the mecha itself looks unchanged, the base vehicles that combine into it have undergone some drastic cosmetic changes. Also, the plot this time revolves around a world where “letters” have displaced people’s voices as means of communications, which is bolstered by its ability to spread across the world instantaneously.

Whatever the case is, Aquarion Logos is this seasons mecha anime entry and fans of the genre will want to watch this regardless. As for newbies, you  may wish to try it out to experience a mecha anime that’s different than most others, as little as there are today.

Watch it if: You like unadulterated robot action with some melodrama on the side.

Official site here.