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The first full trailer of Naruto Shippuden Movie 8 – Boruto- Naruto the Movie is out, the first story after the end of Naruto manga story. The trailer presents an overview of the upcoming movie and previews the theme song “Diver” as performed by band Kana Boon.

Two new cast members have been revealed in the trailer, namely Yuko Sanpei (Eureka Seven) as Boruto Uzumaki and Kokoro Kikuchi (Heartcatch Precure!) as Sarada Uchiha. The director will be Horiyuki Yamashita (Naruto TV series) with Ukyou Kodachi (Gakkou Gurashi, Chaos Dragon) as the scribe. Production is shared between Toho Animation and Studio Pierrot.

Regarding about this project, the creator and mangaka Masashi Kishimoto stated:

Even though the manga ended, I haven’t taken a break. I am currently thinking about a story between Boruto and Sarada. Sasuke and Sakura will be in it, too. I am also thinking about Boruto’s lethal technique. “

Mysteriously, he also mentioned that he will continue working on this franchise until September 2015 before moving on to another project. Junko Takeuchi, voice actress of Naruto commented , “I can’t possibly guess what’s it about. But I’ll enjoy it.“

Fans will able to see the new cast of characters as revealed in the ending of chapter 700 of the original manga. As many fans know, Boruto is the son of Naruto and Hinata whereas Sarada is the byproduct of Sasuke and “possibly” Sakura. Boruto also has a sister named Himawari.

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