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If you’re crazy about Sailor Senshi and totally mad about tea, this might just be up your alley. Themed merch isn’t anything new in Japan (an entire industry is built on it) and this time its more practical than cute. You see, with the hot weather its quite common for people to carry about a water bottle in their bag and often the bottle tends to sweat because we just love to have us some cold water. So we wrap it in a towel to make sure the rest of our stuff doesn’t get soaked by the condensation.

But a more efficient way to fix the problem is to just slip on a specially made cover and this is exactly what these Sailor Senshi bottle covers do. Produced by MiniStop (a convenience store in Japan, similar to Lawsons and 7-Eleven) you can snag yourself a free Sailor Senshi themed cover when you buy a bottle of Japanese tea from the Oi Ocha brand. The covers come in six designs ranging from Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Luna, they are designed to fit on any 500ml plastic bottle. Unfortunately there won’t be any variants for Chibi Moon or Tuxedo mask but hey we aren’t complaining. The covers will be in a small box attached directly to the bottles themselves so you pretty much pick one up immediately with your tea.

senshi tea

That’s not all though, the first 32 customers at each branch to buy two or more packages from a selection of candies will receive one of four Sailor Moon Crystal plastic files. If you happen to buy one of the selected candies AND a participating drink brand while spending more than 500 yen you can mail in the receipt or register here to potentially win one of 50 Luna cushions measuring about 19.7 inches in diameter. Entry is ongoing till July 13 but the special Sailor Senshi bottles with the covers are of a limited run.

Mini Stop isn’t planning to make more so if you miss out, tough luck so if you have any buddies in Japan, get them to snag one for you while they still last.

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