A new Transformers mobile game in on the way from devs Kabam and Hasbro, and they released a new trailer for the upcoming game.

The game is set to be out later this year for iOS and Android, and Kabam said that Forged to Fight will in fact, have characters from practically every gen of Transformers. Just from the image alone we’ve got classic Soundwave, Rhinox from Beast Wars, Optimus Prime , Bludgeon and a newbie, Windblade.

The game itself looks a lot like a one-on-one fighting game, with 3D environments, PVP and a story mode with “classic heroes and villains”.

From the short trailer below, we already spot movie Bumblebee, classic Starscream, a whole bunch of different Optimus Prime(s) and even classic Arcee!

The game is slated for a spring release.