Why so green Optimus?
Big Bot goes camo
Big Bot goes camo

Most of you would definitely know about Transformer, or else you wouldn’t be on our site. The more fashion conscious bunch of you might have even heard of Bathing Ape or BAPE. Well what happens when you have a fashion brand collaborate with a well known toy line? You get a fashion collection and a special edition toy of course.

The toy in question is our ever beloved Optimus Prime or more specifically, the Takara Transformers MP-10 Convoy. The collection will see a repaint of the Big Bot in BAPE camo colours and is part of BAPE’s Fall 2014 capsule collection. Of course, since it is a fashion brand you can expect some clothing to come along with it so there’ll also be hoodies, snapbacks and T-shirts, all decked out in Transformers and BAPE branding once the collection is launched.

Did we mention there's also other stuff like hoodies as well?
Did we mention there’s also other stuff like hoodies as well?

This collaboration is coming out in conjunction with the Transformers: Age of Extinction release in Japan (yes they’re that late over there) and the collection is expected to be released in the BAPE Shibuya store in Tokyo come August 9. As for the price of the Big Bot? It’s supposed to be going for about 18,144 yen (RM565) but that’s just the off the shelf price. Considering how special editions like these get snapped up real fast, don’t expect to be paying that kind of price once (or IF) this particular version finally gets brought down to our shores via specialty toy stores.

Source: Highsnobiety