Looks like Tremors is getting a reboot; and they’re having Kevin Bacon return to reprise his role from the films.

Bacon has partnered up with Blumhouse Productions and Universal Cable Productions to bring back the giant worms to TV, a good 15 years since it became a cult hit. Tremors, is mostly series of monster movies about enormous subterranean worms that swallow people whole, and the survivors that attempt to outwit them.

tremors kevin bacon
Not this sh** again

Bear in mind that Tremors was made into a TV series in 2003, called Tremors: The Series which ran for about 13 episodes. Bacon will return as Valentine McKee, a man who has been tasked with defending the town of Perfection, Nevada from the creatures before everyone is devoured. But do take note, while Bacon is already on the project, the show doesn’t have a distributor just yet, but we suspect that it will be on Syfy at the very least.

They haven’t announced a release date either, so we guess we won’t be having any Graboids chase us down anytime soon.

So do you think the movies would translate into a newer, perhaps more modern TV series? let us know in the comments below!