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It’s no secret that Malaysian LOVE, and we really mean LOVE their food. Fights have started over food here and let’s not mention the ever ongoing rivalry with their southern neighbours Singapore.

So what can beat a good serving of Malaysian yummies? Having it delivered right to your doorstep of course! Add in the convenience of ordering those yummies directly from your phone, and you have the makings of a slob lifestyle.

Though services like Food Panda has already been around in Malaysia for quite a while, now Uber has finally decided to dip their toes into Malaysia by bringing their UberEATS service into the country.

The app and service, which has already been deployed in 27 other countries and over 100 cities, will be available starting 21 September and will feature over 200 restaurant partners (for now), serving a wide array of food, beverages and desserts.

There is a catch though, the delivery service will currently serve only a limited number of neighbourhoods in the Kuala Lumpur (KL) area. This includes the KL Central Business District (CBD), Bangsar and Damansara Heights.

This limited coverage will likely be temporary though as Uber plans to expand the coverage area as well as the number of restaurant partners.

Delivery charges will be at RM5 with no minimum order required and a target delivery time of 30 minutes. The service will operate between 9 am to Midnight and payments can be made via credit or debit cards.

And because this is Uber you can expect a very Uber take on deliveries. Deliveries will be handled by what Uber calls delivery partners, which are members of the public who sign-up to do delivery for UberEATS, much like Uber’s ride-sharing drivers.

The difference is that instead of a car, you’ll require a motorcycle instead, though they have mentioned that they might expand to cars later. To sign-up, you can head over here.

So are you ready to get your food delivered by UberEATS? If you are you can download the app either for Android or for Apple.