Good guys vs bad guys
Good guys vs bad guys

New chapter of realistic first person shooter sim, Rainbow Six is in the works– Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege comes after the cancellation of Rainbow Six: Patriots. It gained critical accolades last year during the E3, as fans of the franchise have been waiting for the game but no announcement has been made of the exact release date yet.

Now, Ubisoft Montreal unveiled the highlight series of elite special forces from around the world, this time the infamous UK’s 22nd Regiment Special Air Service, or simply known as SAS is the major focus. In this video, the team is going through airplane and doing takedown of the hostile forces in systematic, organized killing. In quick succession, we see the flags of France, Russia, Germany and USA, so it is safe to say that the teams that might be included are the GSG9 or KSK (Germany), Alfa Team (Russia), FBI HRT, Delta Force or US Navy SEALs Team Six/DEVGRU (USA) and GIGN (France).

In the gameplay trailer we could see destructible environments and heavy focus on multiplayer elements which might remind some players of SWAT 3.

The game is slated for PC, Xbox One and PS4 later this year.

Source: Youtube

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